Windows 10, The last Windows

Windows 10

Windows 10, The last Windows

On July 29th, Microsoft will begin rolling out its new unified operating system in Windows 10, the last numbered version of Windows and one that combines the speed and security of Windows 8 with the familiarity of Windows 7. Microsoft have worked hard to create a consistent application marketplace across all Windows devices, be that desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, your applications are optimised to work with keyboard, mouse and touch so however you want to work, you’re covered.

For our business clients, here is a rundown of the features that we believe will matter to you:

  • The start menu is back – With a new unified start menu combining your traditional shortcuts like settings and file explorer, with your most used applications and pinned programs. Get more done the way you always have done.
  • Cortana is your personal assistant – Cortana is built in to Windows 10 and Office allowing you to set reminders, find out weather reports and search the web with your voice or a quick bit of typing, right on the taskbar. Forget less and do more with Cortana.
    Multi-doing – Allows you to snap up to four apps in place on a single screen or open all tasks in a single view. Multi-doing even allows you to create virtual desktops and group apps by tasks or projects to make you more efficient, whether you are on a tiny tablet, or multiple high resolution displays, multi-doing will help you work smarter.
  • Microsoft Edge – The new web browser designed with Windows 10 in mind. Lightning fast with tons of new features such as the ability to save articles for later reading, make annotations with keyboard or stylus directly on a web page and direct integration with Cortana to bring up even more information without even leaving the page. Microsoft Edge is the web that works the way you do.

Windows 10 is a free upgrade for most business and home users that have a current copy of Windows 7 or 8, so for assistance upgrading or more information on the product, get in touch with our sales team today.