desktop &
network support
The core of our business for almost 20 years, Care Computers specialise
in providing fixed-price outsourced I.T support to businesses that have no
internal I.T staff or supplementing the internal staff of those that do.

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Desktop Network Support Berkshire
Cloud Deployment
& Migration
A question we get asked all the time “can I discuss the Cloud?”
Whilst many have heard of the cloud, most don’t truly know what it is.

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Cloud Deployment Berkshire
Project Management
& Consultancy
Whether you are an experienced in-house I.T professional or an Office
Manager tasked with improving your business network, we can help out
managing I.T projects large or small.

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IT Project Management
Hardware Repairs
& Upgrades
Through all of our other services, we hope you never need a hardware repair,
however, sadly things break and if such a situation arises, we want you to
know we can take care of it.

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IT Hardware Repairs Berkshire
Hardware &
Software Acquisitions
We pride ourselves on maintaining close sales relationships with our clients
and ensuring that each business has a dedicated account manager that knows
about their business, where they have come from and where they’re heading.

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IT Hardware Software Sales Berkshire
Network Design
& Consultancy
With over 20 years of experience supporting business networks, we’ve learnt
a thing or two about how best to design and implement them, as a result, Care
Computers offer a comprehensive range of network consultancy services.

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IT Network Services Berkshire
  • In 2022, European companies are dedicating an average of 25% of their IT budget to hosted or cloud-based services. Moving workloads to the cloud has many benefits for businesses, however, cost savings are always high on the agenda when businesses are considering investing in the......

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  • At some point, all businesses will experience major disruptions or a disaster that will affect employees and their ability to work. These disruptions could be anything from a natural disaster, such as a fire or flood, to a cyberattack, such as ransomware or distributed denial......

Care Computers : Managed IT Support Services in Windsor, Berkshire

Care Computers are a full managed IT service provider with a Gold Microsoft partnership and decades of experience in small to midsized business IT and infrastructure. We work with businesses as small as one-person all the way to large multi national enterprises.

Our passion for IT makes us the perfect partner for your managed IT services and your next IT deployment project. We not only have a deep understanding of technology, but also relationships with the people who use it.

It starts with a conversation. Tell us your IT requirements, your struggles with managed IT services and your business goals, let us bring you the solution.