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The core of our business for almost 20 years, Care Computers specialise in providing fixed-price outsourced IT support to businesses that have no internal I.T staff or supplementing the internal staff of those that do.

With a team of 16 engineers, all of which have certifications with Windows Server, Desktop or Mac OSX, we provide daily support on everything from password resets through to major network problems, and our location on an M4 junction gives us the ability to quickly provide on-site support to over 100 businesses within the M4 corridor, be it London or the home-counties. This availability is something we pride ourselves on and we certainly feel it sets us apart in the modern world of solely remote support.

Whilst a large percentage of faults logged under our support can be solved remotely, we still provide fairly priced contracts with unlimited call-outs and regular scheduled visits to your offices which we believe is vital in getting to truly know your clients and their networks. If you are thinking of switching your support contract or outsourced IT services to Care Computers read on below for more information on the services we offer or get in touch with a member of our Sales team for more information or a competitive quotation.

Fixed Price Support

Fixed price all-inclusive remote or on-site support

Care Computers have provided fixed price, unlimited support contracts for over 30 years and specialise in that method of cost-effective, all-inclusive outsourced IT support. Through a combination of access to a diverse and highly accredited engineering team, polite and professional account managers, forward thinking business development staff and an army of supporting roles, we deliver a full outsourced IT department to our clients at a fraction of the cost an internal staff member. We are proud to have worked with many of our clients for over a decade and a large part of that is helping them to carefully plan the future of their network infrastructure by looking at their business plans, and providing pro-active preventative maintenance to keep them up and running rather than relying on old fashioned “break-fix” IT support.

Ad-Hoc Services

Ad-Hoc Services

As much as our customers love our core support product, we acknowledge that not every business fits that mould and as such, we also offer a plethora of outsourced IT support services on an as-needed basis. Whether you just need to acquire and prepare 20 new PCs or Laptops and have them prepped ready for your network, or need someone to deploy a new server to a branch office, or maybe your looking to migrate to the cloud and need some assistance, those are just a couple of scenarios that we have helped our ad-hoc clients with in the past. We like to think that due to our size and business make-up that we are flexible enough to design and provide an ad-hoc solution to fit almost any requirement.

Tailored Support Agreements

Tailored support agreements

Perhaps you desire the formality of a signed agreement, but aren’t sure our standard support fits your requirements, or maybe you only one of your office networks covered. If this is the case, we can work together with you to get a good understanding of your business needs and tailor a outsourced IT support solution around you and your staff. As with our other solutions, we can be flexible on terms and included features so if you are currently stuck in a support agreement that doesn’t quite work for you, or maybe even one that is total overkill, get in touch and we can build a custom outsourced IT support package that works for you and your business.

Out of hours support

Out of hours support

We understand that not all companies work from 9-5. Maybe you have senior team members or developers burning the midnight oil, or perhaps you have an overseas operation that doesn’t line up with our regular working hours. For those very reasons, we offer an out-of-hours service with call logging forwarded to an on-call engineer with the aim of fixing your issue, even if you’re half-way around the world in a different time-zone. As this service proves popular, it features in our all-inclusive support agreement and is often chosen as part of our tailored agreements or as a standalone service.

Integration with in house it staff

Integration with in-house I.T staff

As a third-party IT support and consultancy provider, it often looks like we are trying to purge the world of internal IT Managers and helpdesk staff, but in reality this simply isn’t the case. Over a third of the client sites we have under our care employ some form of internal IT staff, and many simply couldn’t run without them, however many internal staff have better things to focus on than day to day IT issues, or take care of multiple sites and that’s when they come to Care Computers for help. If you are an IT Manager and want a professional, knowledgeable partner to work with to improve your internal infrastructure, without wondering if we are going to try and bump you off at a moment’s notice, get in touch with us. We can consult with you and reassure you where you may have areas lacking knowledge, or just take over your helpdesk duties so you can get on with looking after your network backbone.

Liaison 3rd Party Software

Liaison with third-party software vendors

One of the age-old IT problems… finger pointing. The last thing you want when you have a problem with your systems is to try and recall one of the support numbers for your many providers, and then even when you do get in touch with them, watch them pass blame to one another without actually getting you back up and running. Care Computers share your hatred for these kinds of situations, and as a result we position ourselves as a single point of contact for any network related issue, so give us a call, let us know the problem and then get the kettle on and make yourself a cup of tea whilst we go to work contacting the right people and getting the problem sorted on your behalf. Be it slow accounting software, no incoming phone calls, or just downed internet, remember our number 01753 833 177 and we’ll get it sorted for you.

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