Network Design and Consultancy

Network Design and Consultancy
With over 30 years of experience supporting business networks and connectivity, we’ve learnt a thing or two about how best to design and implement them, as a result, Care Computers offer a comprehensive range of network consultancy services.

If you’re a business start-up that wants to set up a first time network or a large company looking for a team of experts to assist your in-house I.T team with a migration from physical to virtual servers, we can help. We consider ourselves specialists in carrying out audits of business, school and non-profit networks to provide you with insight into the current configuration, clearly displaying how best to improve it moving forward and we present our plans as easy to read, staged proposals to help you understand the individual steps involved with safely and securely upgrading your systems. Best of all, we know that large I.T projects can be difficult to approve and slow to get off the ground. We design all of our proposals with natural stopping points should circumstances change or budgets tightened. For a more in-depth look at our networking and connectivity services, see below or alternatively, get in touch and let us discuss your requirements in more detail.


Teams cloud telephony

Businesses with on-premise phone systems have found users connectivity while home working particularly challenging. Many sales teams have been using personal mobiles (and minutes) as work phone replacements along with home grade internet connectivity; many receptionists have tried and failed to transfer calls remotely; and most employees have resorted to asking customers to email or WhatsApp them instead.

A cloud-based phone solution could end these struggles both now and long-term. Cloud phone systems offer huge benefits for remote workers, fixing your connectivity issues, saveing costs and simplifying technology. Microsoft 365 Business Voice – a cloud-based phone system designed specifically for SMBs – also offers the added benefit of integrating into Microsoft Teams; creating an all-in-one communication solution delivered entirely through Microsoft’s reliable and trusted cloud. A simple and cost-effective solution that could support your remote working business connectivity.

Leased Lines

Internet connectivity

What’s a modern business without fast and secure external connectivity? Not very successful we would argue. At Care Computers we work with many of our clients to secure best market rate on uncontended fibre leased lines, MPLS links and EFM connections, giving them the connectivity they need to get the best performance from their on-site, hosted or cloud solutions. A modern leased line can change the entire way that your company works, opening up huge opportunities for rapid expansion whilst enjoying guaranteed SLAs and excellent speeds. For more information you can read about our Business Internet and Leased Lines where we provide speeds between 10Mbps and 10Gbps. We also offer DDoS mitigation services to protect your business from Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Get in touch today and let us fuel your need for speed.

IT Audit


Care Computers are often drafted in by company headquarters or boards of directors to provide independent IT audits to businesses both large and small. We can offer a range of services from security testing through to complete overviews of multi-site company infrastructure, allowing you to get impartial advice from a team of skilled technical staff, helping you to steer your business in the right direction. If you have had IT staff leave and just need to know what state your network is in, or you are an IT manager and want to bounce ideas off of our senior team, Care Computers will be happy to work with you.

Network Cabling

Network cabling

The key to any quality network, infrastructure cabling is crucial, bad networking means bad connectivity. Through our own engineering team and a group of skilled, trusted contractors, Care Computers can provide full structured cabling either to a new premises or retrofitted as part of a renovation or refit. We design our solutions with flexibility and future plans in mind, especially as many cabled systems are installed and warrantied for as much as 10 years. If your network is holding your hardware back, get in touch with us and we can discuss the benefits of Cat5e, Cat6 and Fibre connectivity, combining these standards to give you a rock solid network for years to come.

Staged Upgrade Proposals

Staged upgrade proposals

Is the approval process with your board or finance team your biggest struggle when trying to secure funds to improve your network? At Care Computers we see both sides of the fence and we want to help you, help your finance team get your systems up to scratch and the easiest way to do that is to break down your large IT projects into small, manageable chunks, that way they are easy to understand and seek approval for. This process of quoting also allows for natural stepping-off points should circumstances change in your business, giving you assurance that you won’t be caught invested in a half-finished, unusable system. Our business development staff are on hand to help, so get in touch!

Server Configuration

Server configuration

Do you need some guidance on setting up servers according to industry best practice, or designing an on-premise or hosted virtual server solution? Maybe you want to remove the hassle entirely and have servers provided pre-specified to meet your requirements and built with your system images? Care Computers can look at the challenges faced by your growing business and work with you to design, supply and configure servers to meet not only your current specifications, but also your predicted future ones. See our hardware and software acquisitions page for more details on the products we recommend.

Patch Management

Patch management

It’s all very well and good having a solid network, but when it’s been neglected, sometimes things get messy and that causes problems when you need to fault-find. If you have a comms room that looks like someone had a bad spaghetti related accident, get in touch. We can combine methodical patch tracing and labelling with innovative patch management tools to provide you with a clean, ordered patch cabinet and server racks, ready to run your network and make future upgrades or changes with ease.