Hardware Repairs and Upgrades

Through all of our other services, we hope you never need a hardware repair, however, sadly things break and if such a situation arises, we want you to know we can take care of it.

Care Computers still operate a call out or walk-in repair service for most major brands of PC, Laptop or Server, so if a drive fails in your server array or your toddler drops juice on your brand new Ultrabook, we are on hand to help. In most instances, we can have parts in stock next day and get your much needed tech back in your hands as soon as humanly possible. If you are local and want your repair carried out as swiftly as possible, just give us a call to check we can carry out the service and then simply drop the device in to us whenever you get a free moment, there’s no need to make an appointment. If you are further afield or have a more complex request, read on below for information on the repair services on offer from Care Computers or get in touch with a member of our workshop team to find out more.

PC Laptop Server Repairs

PCs, Laptops & Servers

Operating a full prep and repair workshop from our offices just off of the M4, we are perfectly positioned to help out when the unthinkable happens and something breaks. Our workshop manager has worked for Care Computers for almost 18 years and if there’s something that needs fixing and he can’t do it, we’d argue it’s not worth fixing. Whether you’ve dropped your laptop or a motherboard has failed on your server, we can provide affordable repairs with solid advice on overall price and whether the repair is cost effective. So if you would rather deal with a professional team of engineers instead of having someone cluelessly prodding around inside your servers with a screwdriver, get in touch.

Data Recovery

Data recovery

Whether it be vital company data, or thousands of pictures of the kids, we understand the importance of data to our customers and, for that reason, Care Computers work with partners to provide a comprehensive range of data recovery services. If you are struggling to find ancient emails for legal proceedings, trying to restore a server from tape based media or you’ve made that simple error of breaking a USB connector off of your flash drive, we can help out with getting as much data back as possible and do so in an efficient manner, with most cases providing a list of data to be recovered and predicted costs before going ahead.

Screen Repairs

Screen repairs

One of the most common repairs carried out in our workshop, those fragile, finicky laptop screens. We hear you, all you did was drop the laptop off of the sofa and it just smashed. Well, best get it booked in and let us take a look at it. Our purchasing department keep good contacts with many panel manufacturers and we can have a replacement panel in stock next-day in most cases, so you can have a nice new display and your shiny ultrabook can be back working with you as soon as possible.

Memory Upgrades

Memory upgrades

Many people purchase PCs, laptops or servers and over time, they either fulfil more and more roles, or just get slowly outdated. One of the most straightforward ways to prolong the life of IT hardware is to upgrade memory and our workshop team can carry this out on a range of devices, taking into account your usage requirements and providing you with the best memory configuration for your device and workload, so if you’re building a workstation for AutoCad and need speedy kit of brand new DDR4 memory or you’ve got an old machine laying around in desperate need of 2GB of DDR2, we can cater for you and everything in-between.

SSD Installation

SSD installation

Solid State Drives, commonly referred to as SSDs are a new form of storage medium designed to replace traditional hard drives in certain applications. SSDs are built up of lots of flash memory chips similar to those found in USB flash drives and as a result, they are fast. Very fast in-fact, in most cases, up to 10 or 20 times the read and write speeds of a traditional spinning disk. As a result, they are an excellent upgrade for PCs, laptops or servers be they new or old. Many people use very little of their installed storage and many would generally benefit from the additional speed offered by an SSD, so, if you want your PC to boot up in a matter of seconds instead of minutes, speak with our workshop to arrange an upgrade.

Hardware Repairs and Upgrades