Project Management and Consultancy

Project Management
Whether you are an experienced in-house I.T professional or an Office Manager tasked with improving your business network, we can help plan manage and deploy your latest I.T project, large or small.

Our team can design a system and see it through from concept to reality, be it implementing a back-up system and subsequent procedure or installing fibre broadband to move your internal systems to the Cloud, we love nothing more than sinking our collective teeth into a good project and helping a client take their board-room talk and make it a reality. As much as we love to design and implement things from the ground up, we aren’t scared of a challenge so if you just need a team of I.T experts to fit in as part of a much larger project we are more than happy to help out. Read on below for more detail on the project services we offer, or get in touch with our sales team for more information.

Server Platform Migrations

Server Platform Migration Projects

Whether moving a server from on premise to a hosted or cloud environment or undertaking the task of upgrading from an outdated platform to something far newer, Care Computers can assist. With years of experience helping small and medium sized businesses grow, we can provide expertise in Small Business, Standard and Datacentre server products as well as virtual server platforms such as VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix, ensuring that whatever your current or future environment, we can plan a project to get you to your end goal with minimal disruption to your business.

Software Upgrade Roll Outs

Software Upgrade Roll-out Projects

Many companies simply don’t have the required man-hours to carry out the lengthy and sometimes disruptive process of deploying new client operating systems or updates to industry specific software packages so why not let us help out? As a business, we have spent years working with large companies, local boroughs, schools and public sector organisations when their internal IT departments need assistance with projects they simply couldn’t manage by themselves, or even worse, those that have no internal expertise whatsoever, so we like to think that whatever the deployment, we can get it carried out in a swift, professional manner.

IT Process Development

I.T Process Development

Struggling with keeping track of your hardware and software? Not quite sure what your end users require when it comes to equipment, programs and training? Do you have times where you’re unsure of the ideal lifetime of your servers or system platforms? Well you’re not alone. Many companies struggle with understanding what factors go in to deciding on the IT requirements of their staff, or end up with hardware and software in their business way after its predicted lifespan. If that sounds familiar then our team of Business Development, Technical and Purchasing staff can help you gain more insight into your current and future processes and help make your future decisions more informed and in many cases, save you money.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster recovery / Business Continuity and Planning Projects

Many people count on their business being back up and running as painlessly and quickly as possible in the event of a business disaster, however few truly have reasonable expectations or even know the steps involved in doing so. Care Computers have helped many companies attain a higher degree of understanding surrounding the quality and performance of their systems, as well as their ability to rapidly be re-deployed or recovered when the unthinkable happens. Our Technical team regularly deploy and maintain disaster recovery systems and perform mock disaster scenarios to prove the effectiveness of your systems, or uncover fatal flaws should there be any, then, together with our Business Development staff, work with you to ensure your systems and procedure live up to your expectations.

Office Moves

Office Move Projects

So the time has come to uproot your entire business and shift it somewhere else. It’s enough that you have to worry about getting all of your business critical equipment and staff members to an entirely new premises, without the stresses and strains of ensuring they can actually work when they get there. That’s where we come in. Let Care Computers assist with liaising with office fitters to get your comms room built to your specifications and then marry new and existing hardware to allow your staff to hit the ground running when you open the doors of your shiny new office.

Project Management