Case Study Telos Partners

Executive Summary

Telos employees in the office and working remotely around the world struggled to use the existing on premise phone system. Frustrated users would resort to using their own methods of communication to stay in touch with clients. The complicated system consisted of a hosted Skype for Business environment in hybrid with Office 365 and using on PSTN equipment in the UK office for connectivity.

When Telos Partners reached out to Care Computers for guidance we recommended a migration to Microsoft Business Voice, a cloud first solution for a remote workforce.

The people at Care have been great in supporting us through the process. Together we created a clear roadmap for the way we needed to address various areas and the recent migration to Microsoft Business Voice was seamless for our business. This was vital as during Covid it was important that we could continue to operate and serve our clients without adding additional stress.
- Jane Kershaw



The challenges 

Concerns surrounding the complexity of the IT Systems at Telos and the related costs led to frustration and anxiety for the company. They spoke to various IT service providers about the issues; however, they struggled to clarify their requirements until they discussed this with Care Computers.

Users inside and outside the Telos office in the UK where struggling with poor call quality and dropped calls. This was negatively affecting the companies ability to successfully communicate with their customers.



Solution suitable to overcome the challenge

Care gauged exactly how the company wanted to operate, what was key for them now and what the critical areas were for the future. It was paramount to find a cost-effective, best of breed solution that would provide the reliability and stability required. Care installed a cloud administered system designed to deliver a fast, stable, managed telephony system. This resolution eliminated the complaints they had experienced.



Results seen by the customer

Telos Partners now have a reliable, fast, and stable platform where users do not drop off calls unexpectedly as before. They have instant access to a solution that is dependable and easy to manage. In fact, the use and maintenance are so easy for them that it is now almost an invisible part of their daily activities and their access communication tools is no longer an issue in any sort.

About the Customer

Telos Partners support leaders striving for their organisation to perform optimally over time. Leaders constantly need to balance managing the present, creating the future and nurturing their organisation’s identity to achieve sustainable success over time.

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