IT Project Management London

Are you finding yourself inundated with more projects than you can handle? Or do you simply lack the expertise to manage your IT projects? For the best IT project management London has seen, look no further than Care Computers. With many years’ of experience, our team has helped businesses of all shapes and sizes overcome all obstacles, regardless of complexity.

The most professional IT project management in London

When it comes to managing your IT projects, it can often prove challenging just getting the process started. At Care Computers, we are on-hand to provide London IT project management that is suitable for projects of all shapes and sizes. From overhauling a company network to implementing large-scale upgrades, no job is too big or small.

If you’re tired of your ideas never making it out of the board room, now is the time to enlist the best company for IT project management London has to offer. We will provide you with complete design and implementation solutions to take your project from concept to reality. At Care Computers, our services are ideal for all customers including:

  • Government
  • Hospitals
  • Marketing agencies
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Schools
  • Solicitors

What can Care Computers do for you?

Server Platform Migrations

A key benefit of our IT project management in London is that it removes the hassle associated with server platform migrations. Whether you are upgrading to a newer server or migrating to a new host or the Cloud, we can help. Our services are designed to enable your business to remain competitive and grow.

Our knowledge of business, standard, and data centre products makes us the preferred choice for server migrations. Plus, with an in-depth understanding of platforms such as VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix, our London IT project management will ensure that your virtual environment is completely future-proof.

Software Upgrade Roll-Outs

Whether you’re rolling out a series of software upgrades or a new operating system, the process can be incredibly time-consuming, not to mention disruptive. Save yourself valuable man-hours and hire our IT project management London specialists instead. We promise a quick and efficient turnaround that will have your new processes set up in no time at all.

Best of all, our IT project management in London is even suitable for companies that lack an actual IT department. With our extensive knowledge, we can make up for the absence of any experienced personnel.

IT Process Development

At Care Computers, we understand how difficult it can be at times keeping track of your hardware and software. Without the relevant expertise, you could find yourself at a disadvantage when it comes to the end user requirement for training, equipment, and programs. This is where we come in. We supply London IT project management that will educate you on everything that you need to know.

We can demonstrate ways to streamline your services, making them more efficient while saving you money in the process. When you choose the finest IT project management London has experienced, you will avoid ending up with a sub-standard setup or equipment that is long past its predicted lifespan.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Even the most robust system can go wrong at times. When this happens, the resulting loss of data and access to vital programs can potentially cripple a company. When you need a quick resolution, look no further than Care Computers for professional IT project management in London.

We will educate you on the performance of your setup while showing you how to recover your data and re-deploy your system in a manner that fundamentally reduces your downtime. From deployment and maintenance of client systems to mock disaster scenarios we can uncover any fatal flaws and make certain your system is prepared for any eventuality.

Office Moves

Moving office can be a stressful time with so much to organise and only a limited time in which to get everything done. You have enough to be concerned about, without worrying about getting everything setup and working as well. At Care Computers, we excel at supplying London IT project management solutions that are guaranteed to ensure that you hit the ground running.

We can liaise with the company that is fitting your new London office to create a bespoke layout that houses your comms room and equipment perfectly.

For more information, why not take a look at our project management and consultancy page now by clicking on the following link.

Why choose our IT project management London specialists?

At Care Computers, we recognise that our clients desire affordable services that will fulfil their requirements while saving them money in the process. Over the years, we have strived to provide London IT project management that is the most affordable around. We achieve this without sacrificing on the IT experience that we provide for our end user.

Our customers choose Care Computers for their IT project management in London as they recognise that we are more than just an outsourced IT company. Our team of technicians, account managers and directors have more than 200 years’ of combined experience and can provide a whole host of IT solutions for your company.

From desktop and network support to hardware repairs and upgrades and Cloud deployment and migration, there are few things that we don’t cover.


For the most outstanding IT project management London has encountered, get in contact with Care Computers today on 01753 835100 to find out more.