Laptop Repair Windsor

Has your laptop ceased working? If so, get in touch with our friendly team at Care Computers today as we can ensure a quick turnaround to have your laptop fixed in no time at all. There is no need to make an appointment, simply pop in with your laptop and we will see what we can do.

Our Windsor laptop repair services

At Care Computers, we specialise in delivering professional Windsor laptop repair services that are second-to-none. The portability of laptops makes them far more prone to damage than your average desktop. In today’s modern world, many people store their entire lives on their laptop and as such a failure could be catastrophic. Fortunately, our skilled team have the expertise to fix a range of issues as well as recover any data you may have lost.

Hardware Repairs

Laptop Repair Windsor

When it comes to delivering high-quality laptop repairs in Windsor, our professional team of specialists has what it takes. From drinks spillages to replacing hard drives, and repairing damaged screens, we can help. Our on-site manager has more than 18 years of experience and has seen it all – if he can’t fix it, the repair work is likely not worth the investment. Best of all, our affordable services cover all major brands.

Software Repairs

Is your laptop refusing to boot up? Are you encountering issues with your operating system? As well as fixing and replacing hardware, we can also tackle software malfunctions too. From repairing corrupt programs to removing malicious malware and viruses our Windsor laptop repair will provide solutions to keep your laptop working correctly.

Data Recovery

If you have lost any data as a result of your laptop breaking down, let our laptop repair Windsor team know right away. From confidential information to personal photos and videos we can work alongside one of our partners to ensure a swift recovery. Our team will endeavour to recover as much of your lost data as possible.

If your laptop requires fixing, simply pop it into our shop or give us a call, and we will visit your home or workplace to carry out the necessary repairs.

Why choose Care Computers?

At Care Computers, our Windsor laptop repair services are widely regarded as being the finest around. We boast a highly trained team whose knowledge of computer systems is simply unrivalled. Having initially formed as a small PC shop, our services saw a rapid expansion to eventually incorporate business IT support and system design.

Today, we boast more than 200 years of combined experience across our 18 technicians and account managers. We actively apply our diverse skills and expertise to assist a range of clients that include:

  • Engineering firms
  • Healthcare providers
  • Law firms
  • Logistics and shipping companies
  • Property developers
  • Security firms and many more

Each member of our team possesses an integral understanding of how many businesses function, so we can offer the best solutions for you. Our laptop repair in Windsor is based on our company motto to assist our end users and improve their experiences with IT.

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For the most trusted laptop repair Windsor has to offer, contact Care Computers today on 01753 833177 or drop our team an email at