Market leading hosted desktop solutions

Would you like a secure way of accessing all of your work, no matter where you are based, without having to heave your computer or laptop around with you all the time? Then you need to get in touch with Care Computer; we have the solution you are after. Our team offer the market leading hosted desktop solutions that will transform the way that you operate your business for the better.

How can market leading hosted desktop help me? Market Leading Hosted Desktop Solutions

At Care Computers, we are the market leading hosted desktop solutions company in the UK. Our hosted desktop solutions mean that whatever computer you are working from, you can still access your individual files without compromising the security of their access.

Employing a hosted desktop, otherwise known as a virtual desktop, allows you to work from your own hardware, anywhere in the world, at anytime. This hosted desktop solutions system means you can access your own files securely on any computer, and it does not have to be your own. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can access your work; but no-one else around you will be able to gain access to the files you are logging into and reading.

Benefits of implementing a hosted desktop for your business

If you’ve not heard of why our Care Computers market leading hosted desktop solutions are so popular with companies of all sizes, then simply look at the list below to see some of the top reasons why this system is becoming so popular in the modern business model:

  • Mobility – you can access your office from every location
  • Save money on fixed computer installation and maintenance
  • Better cash flow
  • More control over scalability of IT equipment
  • Productivity increases
  • Ability for remote working and working while travelling
  • Automatic daily data-backup
  • Enhanced security
  • A ‘greener’ solution –reduces energy use and carbon emissions
  • More efficient communication between business employees

More information about Care Computers

When you hire the team at Care Computers to provide you with laptop and computer solutions, you will be receiving over 200 years’ combined experience. There is not one aspect of computer hardware and software information that we don’t know every detail about at Care Computers. Our team of highly experienced technicians are experts in providing all different company types with fantastic solutions to computer problems; no issue is ever too small or too big for us to manage.

In addition to providing the market leading hosted desktop solutions and desktop support, at Care Computers, we will also bestow you with information and solutions to problems within the following IT specialities:

  • Cloud deployment and migration
  • Data recovery
  • Network support
  • Hardware repairs and upgrades
  • Network design and consultancy
  • Project management and consultancy
  • Server platform migrations
  • Software and hardware acquisitions

Find you market leading hosted desktop solutions today

So now you know all about the market leading hosted desktop solutions that are provided by Care Computers, and you can change the way you work and make your business even more profitable. Speak to a member of our team on 01753 835100 to arrange your hosted desktop solutions today.