Outsourced network support

At Care Computers, we provide outsourced network support for businesses of all sizes. We will work with you to create a system that is tailored to your current needs and future requirements. As the leading company for IT support, our customers can expect a complete service from the team.

Support for outsource networks from Care Computers Outsourced network support

From helping start-up businesses organise a network to assisting I.T departments in large companies with migrating to virtual servers, Care Computers offers flexible outsource network support.

I.T projects are often slow to start as there are many factors to approve from different departments in companies but don’t worry our proposals have natural stop points should budgets or circumstances change.


We supply independent audits for businesses of all sizes as part of our outsourced network support.  Our reviews are tailored to meet the needs of every customer, and we provide everything from overviews of your IT infrastructure to testing the security of your network. Alternatively, if you run the IT department and have ideas to improve your security, call our team for more information. We also provide audits for companies that are unsure what the status of their network is in and need an independent body to verify it.

Network cabling

Network cabling is a vital part to building a network, and we provide this service as part of our outsourced network support. Whether it is installing cabling in a new building to improving retrofit cables, we have the capabilities to supply cabling for buildings and businesses of every size. The team can educate you on the benefits of Cat5e, Cat6 and Fibre connections for your network.

Patch management

Organisation is essential for any network and it is important to ensure that your communication room is tidy. Care Computers provides labelling, and methodical patch tracing for these rooms which will ensure you have an ordered cabinet and server racks. Afterwards, you will find that it is easier to operate your network.

Server configuration

Our company modifies servers to ensure that they serve our customers and their needs. We don’t just build servers to meet your needs, they are also constructed with your future requirements. Get in touch with the team for more details.

Staged upgrade proposals

Our company understands that when inputting new systems and servers, there has to be a balancing act between costs and needs. All of our project plans are arranged in steps with stop points for businesses whose circumstances change. The benefit of this is that the system will still be usable regardless of the stop point.

Leased lines

External connectivity is vital for any serious business and Care Computers offers assistance in this area as part of our network support outsourced service. We provide MPLS links, EFM connections and fibre leased lines as part of our great solutions. Change the way your business operates with our company. Click here to find out more about our network service.

Why choose Care Computers

We understand that you may find it difficult to choose between the many companies that offer an outsourced network support service but do not worry, we have listed factors why you should choose our company below:

  • 20 years of experience
  • All network support tailored to your needs
  • Flexible pricing plans
  • We build stop off points to compensate for all needs
  • We stock parts from many companies

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