Are you getting the most out from your cloud investment?

Are you getting the most out from your cloud investment?

Cloud is now mainstream. According to the UK Government’s Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) in a recent report, “most UK organisations now use cloud computing in some capacity.” This is a well-known fact that came as no surprise, and nor did their statistic that by 2023, the UK cloud market is expected to be worth over £35 billion; up over 70% from 2019. Businesses are turning to the cloud in rapidly increasing numbers.

But what these figures don’t reveal is the amount of usage and benefit organisations gain from their cloud services.

As a cloud services provider, ensuring that our customers are getting the most from their cloud investment is a top priority. We help you maximise on your investment by:

  • Showing you product features that suit your set-up and requirements.
  • Making sure your money is being spent in the right way, and that the services you purchase are cost-effective.
  • Ensuring your business is safeguarded with the best security policies and solutions.

Below, we’ve outlined some easy initial steps for you to evaluate the return-on-investment (ROI) of your existing cloud services:

  • Ensure that the payment schedule you’re on is a pay-as-you-use model. If you use a tiered payment structure, find out if the tier you’re being charged for suits your requirements. Is there flexibility within payment grades to scale, depending on the development and growth of your company?
  • Make sure you know how to obtain the best from your products in terms of features and functions. Are you fully aware of the capabilities? If not, your CSP should provide awareness, education and training, such as ClipTraining. ClipTraining is an e-learning platform that offers class-based lessons around Microsoft 365 so you and your employees can get the most out of your subscription.

We have many customers come to us, unhappy with their existing solution provider, because they’re paying for a service and only utilising a small proportion of its functions. No wonder they can’t get their heads around the price! A good solution provider should offer training and product knowledge to customers as standard.

  • Make sure your employees are fully onboard and committed to using the product, as well as using it to its maximum potential.

Fear of change is natural, and busy employees can resent the need to take the time getting to grips with a new process/routine/product. It’s crucial to take the lead – demonstrate the product’s benefits and arrange a training schedule for your staff.

While we’re a conservative bunch generally, it’s worth bearing in mind that most employees are open to new ideas, particularly where IT’s concerned – and this is not a view that’s generation biased. A recent article reports that 76% of people in their 50s agree with 20-something colleagues on the opinion that their employer should be a technology leader.

And finally, it’s critical to ensure that you are trusting the right cloud services provider with your cloud set-up! If you’re with the wrong provider, you will already be at a disadvantage when it comes to maximising on your investment.