End of Windows 7 Support

End of Windows 7 Support

Ahh Windows 7, the operating system that has been the powerhouse for Microsoft for many years. Well sadly, Windows 7 is joining it’s predecessors like XP and Vista (maybe we don’t all miss that one) in becoming unsupported by Microsoft from January 14th 2020. However, Care Computers can put your mind at ease.

What does this all mean?

Well if you’re already running Windows 10, then absolutely nothing. But if your machine or any of your colleagues machines are still running Windows 7, then it will mean:

No Technical support from Microsoft!!

How does it affect me?

Currently you or Care Computers can call Microsoft if you need further help with fixing an issue for Windows 7. This will no longer be the case and could cause you or your company further downtime.

No new Windows 7 Updates!!

How does it affect me?

Currently if there is a software issue, then Microsoft will push out a fix to address the issue. This will no longer be the case and an outstanding bug you have would not be patched in Windows 7.

No new Security patches!!

How does it affect me?

Currently any security risks are patched by Microsoft. This will no longer be the case with Windows 7 and without security patches, your machine could easily be compromised. This means your machine will be more susceptible to getting viruses and will be far less protected to attacks such as ransomware attacks.

What can I do?

Thankfully the answer is easy, upgrade to Windows 10. Speak to Care Computers about providing you with options for upgrading. In upgrading to Windows 10, the 3 points above will be addressed, and you can rest easy knowing you’re giving your machine the most up to date and secure operating system Microsoft provide.

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