GROW Partner of the Year

GROW Partner of the Year

On March 26th 2021 we won the Vuzion GROW Partner of the Year Award at the Annual Vuzion Partner Awards 2021.

The GROW Award is awarded in relation to how Vuzion’s Partners have built their Online Brand in the past year and how they have utilized social media and blogs for creating content and getting it out to their Clients.

In the past year, we have built upon several brand topics, including:

  1. Weekly Blogs – Keeping our Clients up to date twice a week with Blogs on relevant topics. They often include quick how to guides and information they can use every day at work.
  2. Social Media Posts – Developing our existing social media and growing our likes on our various pages, such as, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter.
  3. Mail Shots – Targeted at our clients to match blogs to our client base. We have found Schools have loved this feature.

We want to say thank you to Vuzion for recognition of our work. But also, to our Clients for reading and sharing the content.

In 2021, We plan to increase our online presence even more and continue to bring our Clients valued content.