Harnessing Technology for Business Growth: The Role of Managed IT Services

Harnessing Technology for Business Growth: The Role of Managed IT Services

In this article, we’re going to go over the basics of managed IT services, as well as how you can partner with Care Computers to grow your business today.

What are Managed IT Services?

Simply, a Managed IT Service is a service where an external provider manages your organisation’s IT. This is done by a Managed Service Provider (MSP), who will take care of your IT needs and ensure that you always have access to expert support.

From administration to technical support, Care Computers will ensure that every aspect of IT within your organisation is covered. This will ensure that you’ll never fall into any technical hitches. And, if you do, someone will be right around the corner able to assist you.

This is not just a new concept either — companies worldwide are already using MSPs to be able to fully unlock their organisation’s IT potential without needing to splash out for expensive IT professionals and all of the expenses associated with this. After all, the ongoing skills shortage and rise in costs across the board have made justifying spending on a dedicated in-house IT team incredibly difficult.

With 88% of SMEs being partnered or considering partnering with an MSP, the impact of Managed IT Services on the wider IT landscape cannot be overstated. MSPs have allowed smaller organisations to truly take advantage of IT and have made the world of IT-backed business generally more accessible despite the ongoing skills shortage.

How Managed IT Services Can Grow Your Business

Reduce Spend on IT Resources

Quite importantly, partnering with an MSP will save you tons. From hiring personnel to acquiring the hardware to ensure that each member of personnel can do their job correctly, IT can become quite costly. A managed service is much more cost-effective in this sense, as the same service is provided for far less.

However, this also allows you to save costs and resources throughout your organisation too. As everything will be handled by the MSP, you can allocate the resources that would be dedicated to an in-house IT team to other parts of your organisation. This means that not only will you be saving money, but also allocating resources far more productively.

Your Virtual CTO

A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is vital to ensuring the success of your IT strategy. However, hiring a long-term CTO is a costly endeavour, and is a long-term investment that might simply be too costly for a lot of smaller organisations.

With a managed service, you can use a Virtual CTO (vCTO) to oversee specific projects and short-term tasks that need oversight, without having to constantly have a CTO within your business on salary. You’ll also have an expert CTO, who can help your organisation strategise for the future.

Enable Scalability

Scaling IT staff can be both costly and difficult — scaling your organisation up means going through the long and strenuous hiring process, and scaling down means possible redundancies and the corresponding paperwork.

Working with an MSP, you only need to pay for what your organisation requires — meaning that you can easily scale your IT resources depending on what the needs of your organisation are. This makes your organisation ultimately more flexible.

Spend More Time Focusing On Your Business

Putting together an IT team for your organisation requires lots of resources and oversight to ensure is done correctly. As discussed earlier, a managed service lets you allocate resources more effectively throughout your organisation.

Leaving all of the difficult IT decisions to an expert MSP will allow you to simply focus on your business more, without having to worry about overseeing your IT team and ensuring that they’re doing as requested.

Moreover, if your partnership isn’t working, parting ways with an MSP is far easier than firing and rehiring your IT team.

Improve Your Security Posture

Security is becoming vital for more and more organisations worldwide. With the ever-looming threat of a cyberattack, ensuring that your organisation is protected should be a top priority.

However, making sure that your organisation’s IT team is clued up on cybersecurity is easier said than done — cybersecurity is a complex field that not every IT professional is knowledgeable about. However, part of the role of an MSP is to ensure that your organisation’s security is of a high standard, to protect you from any threats and attacks that you could face.

This is a massive advantage, as everyone on the team of the provider that you’re partnered with will be trained in cybersecurity, and will be able to ensure that your organisation has a strong security posture.

Looking for a Managed IT Service Provider?

Managed IT services are a very popular way for small businesses to be able to fully take advantage of solid IT within their organisation. Instead of having to spend on an IT team, an MSP will be able to take care of your IT needs for a fraction of the cost.

If you’re looking to truly take your business to the next level while keeping spending low, an MSP is the best choice for you. We’ll be able to take care of all of your IT needs while also helping your organisation thrive.

Contact us now, and we’ll be able to help you get started with a managed service within your organisation.