How Dynamics 365 Sales can transform your business

How Dynamics 365 Sales can transform your business

As businesses grow, it becomes more important to optimise the sales process. Not only does this lead to increased revenue, but it also improves the customer experience, delivering sustainable, long-term growth. As every business has their own unique sales process, their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform must be flexible enough to accommodate this. Whilst there are many CRM platforms designed to improve sales pipelines, few are as fully featured as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

What is Dynamics 365 Sales?

Dynamics 365 Sales is a powerful CRM platform specifically designed to manage sales pipelines and store customer relationship data. This data includes accounts, contacts, prospects, communication activities, sales opportunities and more. What sets Dynamics 365 Sales apart from the competition is its flexibility and the features that discover actionable insights from the stored data.

How Dynamics 365 Sales can transform your business

Effectively Manage and Optimise Sales Processes

During the implementation phase of Dynamics 365 Sales, businesses can map out their standard sales processes, including qualification criteria, customer touchpoints, quotes, contracts and more. Whilst setting this up requires an upfront time investment, once complete it saves significant time for sales teams. As the mapped sales process includes quotes and qualification criteria, it also enables businesses to accurately forecast revenue from each deal or customer. This feature automates many aspects of the sales process, it gives salespeople more time to focus on growing the business and delivering better customer experiences. Over time, businesses can use the reporting functionality to find any areas of the process that can be improved and make those changes to the standard sales process to further optimise the process.

Deliver Better Customer Experiences

For businesses that are looking to gain a competitive advantage, their sales team must deliver personalised customer experiences. Dynamics 365 Sales facilitates this as it acts as a central repository for all customer information. Within a few clicks, a salesperson can view any customer’s information, including previous opportunities and interactions. For businesses looking to go even further, it is possible to connect a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account and the information from LinkedIn will also be displayed on Dynamics 365. For quick insights, Dynamics 365 Sales has a lead and opportunity scoring feature, where salespeople can see how far along the sales pipeline any customer or potential customer is, simply by viewing their score.

Help Prioritise Sales Pipelines

Sales teams can also use this predictive lead and opportunity score to prioritise their leads to achieve higher win, close and conversion rates. Within Dynamics 365 Sales there is a Sales accelerator section, which is designed to help sales teams sell smarter by providing automated recommendations throughout the sales process. Sales accelerator gathers information from several sources and uses AI to prioritise what actions should be taken next. This allows sales teams to spend less time doing administrative work, and speeds up the sales cycle, ensuring that every communication touchpoint is working to deliver better outcomes.

Improve Sales Calls

To improve the customer experience, and in turn the sales process, salespeople and their managers should regularly review previous calls. Dynamics 365 Sales makes this simple with its call summary functionality. The call summary page provides a high-level view of how phone conversations went, including any actions, relevant keywords, a timeline, and a transcript of the call. The timeline also shows how much of the call was spent on introductions, sales and closing, whilst also performing sentiment analysis to give insights on what topics had a positive, negative, or neutral response. The call summary page also makes it easy for salespeople to quickly check back on previous conversations to deliver personalised customer experiences.

Forecast Future Outcomes

For businesses to accurate make informed strategic decisions, they need to be able to foresee demand for products and the associated revenue generated. This not only helps sales teams but also the wider business, as it helps set budgets and allocate resources. Dynamics 365 Sales has powerful sales forecasting capabilities that consider many data points to deliver accurate forecasts. This also helps sales teams track their performance against targets and identify any problems as soon as possible, so they can take action to avoid them. What makes Dynamics 365 Sales forecasting even more powerful, is the longer businesses use the platform, the more accurate the forecasting is.

Implementation and Deployment

Dynamics 365 Sales has hundreds of features that all work together to enable sales teams to delivery exception business outcomes. Whilst implementation and deployment can be complex, we can help with this, and your business can quickly see a return on the investment. If you are looking to find out more about how Dynamics 365 Sales can transform your business, contact us today.