Introducing Microsoft Purview: Data Protection and Compliance

Introducing Microsoft Purview: Data Protection and Compliance

Data is one of the most valuable assets in the modern world. Key business decisions and strategies are all built around data — which means that it needs to be kept secure. Enter Microsoft’s solution to data protection — Microsoft Purview.

Purview is a comprehensive data management and protection platform that exists to help organisations safeguard their data and ensure compliance with important data regulations.

In this article, we’re going to introduce Microsoft Purview, delving into the products that make up the Purview Family. We’ll also take a look at some of the ways that Purview can safeguard your business.

The Microsoft Purview Platform

Microsoft Purview is a family of products that exist to empower your business to manage, secure, and take control of your data. When used together, you can both ensure that your data is secure while also ensuring that you remain within compliance regulations.


Auditing is key to any organisation’s ability to ensure that their data is protected and remains compliant.

Purview’s auditing tool is a robust solution that lets you audit throughout your organisation, meaning that you can ensure that access to sensitive files and configuration changes are monitored.

By auditing, you can keep your organisation safe from attacks and breaches by identifying risks and monitoring possible weaknesses within your organisation — and use policies to ensure the most sensitive parts of your organisation are monitored and governed.

Communication Compliance

Just like your internal data, your organisation’s communications must stay secure to follow data compliance regulations as well as keep your business protected. However, this is a difficult task with modern digital communication technologies — as most of this communication is done through third-party communication methods.

Communication Compliance is a useful tool that lets you monitor and enforce compliance in email communications as well as other communication channels throughout your organisation — mitigating data leaks and stopping the sharing of non-work-appropriate content.

Compliance Manager


Microsoft Purview’s Compliance Manager is a tool that will help you monitor your company’s compliance — keeping track of compliance using its ‘compliance score’.

This will simplify the whole process and give you easy, actionable feedback as to how to improve your organisation to remain compliant.

Data Lifecycle Management

Ensuring that data is retained or disposed of correctly within your organisation is an important part of good data management. Microsoft Purview lets you automate data retention within your organisation using policies.

With this, you can ensure that data is only kept for as long as required, to make space for newer data and mitigate data privacy risks.

Data Loss Prevention

Data breaches can be catastrophic for any organisation — which means that having an effective data loss prevention plan in place within your organisation is vital.

Purview makes this easy, as its data loss prevention tools let you identify and protect your most sensitive data by enforcing policies that restrict unauthorised access — mitigating the chance of a data breach.

Data Map and Data Catalogue

Visualising your data is a great way to understand it — which is vital for being able to handle it. Microsoft Purview’s data map and catalogue helps you map out, discover, and classify your organisation’s data easily.

With this, you’ll always be able to have a wider, holistic view of your organisation’s data.


Discovery is an important legal process in which finding and uncovering data is vital to ensure that all of the information is in the clear. Purview streamlines the process using its eDiscovery capabilities — meaning that it’s easier than ever to search for, identify, and collect relevant data for legal cases.

This means that your organisation can always be prepared to easily respond to litigation and compliance requests, reducing legal risks and costs.

Information Protection

Keeping your most sensitive data secure from unauthorised access is one of the key aspects of data security. To help with this, Microsoft Purview’s Information Protection tool has encryption, rights management, and access control capabilities to protect your organisation.

This means that your organisation will always be prepared and able to enforce data protection consistently throughout your organisation.

Insider Risk Management

There’s a chance that your organisation could face a risk from the inside. Insider risk management helps mitigate this by identifying and helping dispel risks posed by employees, contractors, or partners.

Using machine learning, it’ll easily detect inside threats and protect your most sensitive data from unauthorised access or misuse.

How Microsoft Purview Can Safeguard Your Business

Microsoft Purview is filled with tools that can help protect your data. But, how do these tools actually safeguard your business in practice? —

  • Level Up Your Security: Using Purview’s comprehensive set of data protection tools, you can easily defend your business against data breaches.
  • Simplified Compliance: Using Compliance Manager, ensuring compliance throughout your organisation has never been easier.
  • Data Governance: Being able to control and understand your data is vital for any organisation. This will help you make informed decisions in the long term, as well as help you ensure your organisation’s most sensitive data is protected. Microsoft Purview allows you to have full data governance.
  • Efficiency: Purview’s automation tools save time and resources, meaning that your organisation will ultimately have a boost in efficiency.

With these benefits, you can fully ensure that your organisation is protected from any threats while also getting the most out of it.

How We Can Help

Data is a valuable resource for any organisation, and Microsoft Purview helps you protect your data with ease. By using the large suite of Purview tools to ensure that you’re both protected and compliant with regulations, you can easily ensure that your organisation’s most valuable assets are protected.

If you’re looking to get started with Purview, get in touch with us today. Our experts will be able to get you started and provide a helping hand along the way in protecting your data at an organisation-wide level.

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