Mental Health, Covid19, and how Office365 can assist you

Mental Health, Covid19, and how Office365 can assist you

Covid19 has been the focal point for 2020. It has penetrated our personal and working lives in more ways than we could possibly have ever imagined. Sadly, one of the many parts of our lives it has affected, has been our mental health’s.

People are working longer hours, and there has been lots of pressure to keep businesses running to the best efficiency that they can. While there are many factors in protecting and improving your mental health, exploiting some of the many Microsoft Office 365 features may be an extra ingredient to assist you.

Here are some pointers for a clearer mind during Covid19 in the workplace

  • Split your communication between Email, Video Conferencing and Phone calls
  • Use Microsoft Outlooks’ calendar and reminders feature to plan yourself regular breaks throughout the day
  • Use Microsoft Teams to speak regularly to your internal Team & Clients, as you will feel more connected and it can help with feeling less isolated in the home
  • Check out your email each week from MyAnalytics, from Microsoft, which breaks down how you spend your time on Office 365 and it focuses on Well-being
  • Make use of Microsoft OneNote. With our minds trying to multitask, take some of the pressure off, and get your thoughts down in one place

If you wish to speak more about using or moving to Microsoft Office 365, please reach out to us.