Survive and thrive with a cloud-based telephone system

Survive and thrive with a cloud-based telephone system

The way that businesses work has changed exponentially in the last few months. COVID-19 caught the world off guard, and organisations both large and small have been trying to ride the current storm whilst proofing against potential future ones.

Businesses with on-premise phone systems have found home working particularly challenging. Many sales teams have been using personal mobiles (and minutes) as work phone replacements; many receptionists have tried and failed to transfer calls remotely; and most employees have resorted to asking customers to email them instead. With the remote working era looking likely to continue for some time, these risky workarounds could lead to loss of customers and some seriously unhappy employees.

A cloud-based phone solution could end these struggles both now and long-term. Cloud phone systems offer huge benefits for remote workers, save costs and simplify technology. Microsoft 365 Business Voice – a cloud-based phone system designed specifically for SMBs – also offers the added benefit of integrating into Microsoft Teams; creating an all-in-one communication solution delivered entirely through Microsoft’s reliable and trusted cloud. A simple and cost-effective solution that could support your business through the pandemic and enable it to thrive in the future.

Working remotely with Business Voice

Businesses already set-up for cloud-based telephony have transitioned to remote working fairly smoothly. Their business phoneline operates as normal, existing phone numbers remain the same and employees make and answer calls from anywhere, on any device.

The integration with Teams means that calling, meetings, chat and files are all housed together in a single application, and Business Voice also includes audio conferencing so customers, vendors or suppliers can join a meeting using a dial-in number. Headsets, desk phones and other devices can be added to enable a more seamless set-up.

Reducing costs

In an ROI-driven world, reducing costs spent on technology is a priority. Using a cloud-based phone system like Business Voice can eliminate PBX maintenance costs, reduce support hours and eradicate upgrade fees. A recent Forrester study highlighted that 3 SMBs using Business Voice had saved over 30% in costs associated with PBXs.

Streamlining technology

Simplifying technology makes it easier for employees to use and easier for IT support to manage. Employees can enjoy a consistent Teams experience across all devices without needing to switch between software or systems. Business Voice integrated into Microsoft 365 offers a centralised set-up and management system housed within the wider M365 admin portal. As a complete cloud-based phone system delivered through Microsoft, Business Voice is secure and scalable to suit your business.

Whether you’re looking to improve your business’s remote working policy with a cloud-based phone system, or would like to save money and simplify, Business Voice can help. Talk to us today to get started with a trial and your business could be reaping the benefits in no time at all.