SysAdmin Appreciation Day | 20th Anniversary

SysAdmin Appreciation Day | 20th Anniversary

Friday 26th July 2019

It’s hard to believe it’s a “thing” but believe it or not SysAdmin Appreciation Day has been around for 20 whole years! Held on the last Friday in July, it is not the most glamorous of things to celebrate we know, but they are more crucial than sometimes you may realise. SysAdmin’s and their IT departmental support colleagues are the reason you can continue doing what you do. Only when IT issues arise do you feel the need to call upon them but the reason why things work smoothly for you in between is because they are constantly in the background, keeping your IT flowing smoothly and securely so you can do your job with minimum interruption.



SysAdmin Appreciation Day first came about in 2000 when inspired by a magazine advert by Hewlett-Packard in which a SysAdmin was presented with gifts as a thank you, some guy named Ted Kekatos decided it should become a generic special day of IT recognition.

Obviously, the geek culture jumped on point and relevant businesses began honouring the day with their own interpretations of offerings and competitive commendations. There were even songs written! Bizarre as it may sound.


Why Should You Care?

IT we understand to most is an unpopular and boring subject for the most part. However, its importance now more than ever is imperative to your day to day workings and is crucial for you getting the job done. Everything has become electronically processed and is only to continue doing so more and more. You probably don’t see the majority of what your SysAdmin does for you in the background as most of their work is proactive as oppose reactive.


Why Do We Care?

Our team of SysAdmin’s (nerds, as some may call them) are passionate about their work and take pride in the solutions and implementations they do for you. It is an ever changing, ever developing industry which takes more than just a 9-5 interest to keep up with, they have genuine passion for the work they do and spend endless amounts of time researching new products, software and basically anything IT related as it is what they are generally interested in.


To Sum Up!

It may seem like a foreign concept to you and I, but this team of dedicated engineers keep business flowing freely and unhindered more than we’d like to admit. Having an appreciation day for their work seems ridiculous but you may never have any idea how imperatively important they are.  To the non-obvious, very debatable unsung heroes that are IT engineers. We couldn’t be without them.