The power of e-signatures in a digital world

The power of e-signatures in a digital world

As businesses steer away from the paper office, the era of digital transformation is well underway.

A July report by cloud communications company Twilio (cited by IoTNow), stated that UK businesses have sped up their digital transformation by an average of 5.3 years in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated many companies when it comes to adopting cloud technology and undergoing digital transformation.

Businesses can’t rely on solely on the physical office environment anymore, and it’s obvious that remote and hybrid working protocols provide a scalable alternative. More and more meetings being held virtually, and an increasing number of contracts and documents are being “echo-signed”. It’s fair to call remote working the new normal, and it’s important that your business embraces the modern solutions available in order to stay ahead of the game in the digital world.

Onboarding new customers and clients in the current business climate requires a virtual process – customers might not be comfortable with the idea of you coming to their premises or vice versa, so digital alternatives must be on offer to allow you to move forward. Using solutions like Microsoft Teams can enable you to make introductions face-to-face in the comfort of your own spaces, deliver the pitch and presentation and answer all questions the customer might have.

But what about when it comes to sealing the deal with a contract?

For virtual onboarding, a simple and easy digital solution is required. DocuSign is a cloud-based service that enables electronic signatures and agreements. Businesses can generate, sign and manage contracts wherever they are and store copies in the cloud, without needing to file paperwork.

True benefits of using an e-signature solution like DocuSign include:

  • Shorter time-frames – Paper contracts can take a long time to draft and prepare even before a physical signature is required. If you’re operating nationally or even internationally, a physical signature can incur huge travel and subsistence costs; not to mention the delays if there’s even the slightest error on the document. DocuSign can trim down this arduous process to a few minutes.
  • More guarantee – In the current pandemic, posting documents to customers or clients can be a risky business. That important paperwork, even couriered, could be heavily delayed or get lost in the postal system. DocuSign offers contracts instantly to devices with full encryption and security – far safer than the post box!
  • Less mistakes – Again, errors on paper contracts can be costly. With DocuSign, mistakes can be quickly tracked and rectified, before handing contracts to your clients.
  • Ongoing document tracking – Need to draft up or amend a digital document? DocuSign keeps a log of all changes to every document, removing the paper clutter of those drafts that weren’t needed.
  • Digital business transformation – When you adopt a digital workflow like DocuSign, you can quickly scale up and automate more key processes. DocuSign contains many excellent advanced features, which you can quickly implement into your procedures, without the hassle.

Although there’s no better time than during a pandemic to adopt a digital tool like DocuSign, eSignature solutions are integral to long-term digital transformation. With national and international clients and customers, virtual documents save time, money and effort. Gone is the need to meet deadlines or arrive at an office at a set time; now, your customers and clients can sign their contracts anytime, anywhere, from basically any device.

If you are interested adopting an e-signature solution and would like to learn more, contact us today.