The Top 4 Trends in Digital Transformation

The Top 4 Trends in Digital Transformation

As the business world continues to move towards a digital future, digital transformation is becoming increasingly popular with lots of companies worldwide. After all, the world becoming more digital means that companies need to evolve to keep up with the modern era.

There are multiple ways to initiate your organisation’s transformation, but a few key digital transformation trends have emerged worldwide. These trends are vital as they’re the best place to start your organisation’s journey in digital transformation.

In this article,  we’re going to go over these trends and how they can benefit your organisation going forward. We’ll also take a look at digital transformation holistically, and how your organisation can get started with it.

What is Digital Transformation?

While it may not initially seem necessary even with the most robust non-digital systems, the importance of considering your organisation’s needs in a digital world cannot be overstated. The digital revolution is becoming more critical for businesses to get on board with.

Digital transformation is the key to this. This is the process of implementing digital methods and solutions in an organisation to bring that company into the digital world.

This method is vital to ensuring that businesses keep up with modern needs while also remaining ready to implement any new technologies that need to be implemented. With the rapid development and onset of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, this is now more important than ever — and can be the difference between staying a cut above everyone else and falling behind.

Digital transformation is not just a simple change in infrastructure, though. It’s also a change in culture and mindset — with the cloud, AI, and remote working becoming so much more important than ever before. Not only does it help your business stay ahead of the curve, but it also helps boost morale, nurture development, and improve efficiency within your workplace.

Top 4 Digital Transformation Trends

Migrating to the Cloud

Cloud migration is the process of moving your company’s digital solutions over to the cloud. Where companies would traditionally use an ‘on-premise’ system, many businesses are turning towards the cloud as a solution going forward.

There are many benefits to cloud migration —

  • Turn CapEx into OpEx: Where traditionally companies would have to spend on capital expenditure (CapEx) to create an on-premise solution, the cloud lets your organisation turn that expenditure into operational expenditure (OpEx) as you don’t have to invest in hardware. This ultimately saves costs all around and means that there’s less of an initial investment.
  • Better Scalability: Scaling is the process of upsizing or downsizing your systems to suit the needs of your organisation. Scaling up an on-prem solution is traditionally quite expensive, and scaling down is fairly difficult as you’ve already purchased the hardware. Using the cloud, you can simply just adjust your plan to whatever your organisation needs.
  • Simplify IT: An on-premise solution would require lots of maintenance, meaning that you’ll need an IT team on-site to be able to handle the system maintenance. However, cloud providers will ensure that the hardware side is maintained for you — simplifying IT throughout your organisation.

Low Code & No Code Platforms

Low-code & no-code platforms help you create applications for your organisation without needing to use code.

This means that — where traditionally you’d need a coder to create applications — you can make applications instantly without needing to have someone knowledgeable about programming by your side.

The benefits of low-code & no-code are:

  • Save Costs: Previously, the creation of a bespoke application for your organisation would’ve been expensive as you’d have needed to hire a coder and designer to ensure that your application was created correctly. Using low-code & no-code, you can simply make the applications yourself and save costs all around.
  • Added Flexibility: With a no-code platform, you can easily change small aspects of your application without having to delve through pages of code. No-code is specifically designed to have an easy-to-use UI and to allow your organisation to be as flexible as possible.

AI & Machine Learning

The age of AI and Machine Learning is here, with new AI solutions being developed daily. Utilising AI throughout your business can truly enhance your business, and unlock new opportunities and insights to help your company reach its full potential.

There are many different ways that AI can be implemented into your organisation —

  • Increased Business Intelligence: Utilising AI for business intelligence can help unlock new insights and information based on the data that your organisation gives it. AI can easily find new trends and create new solutions based on the information it has available.
  • Intelligent Efficiency: AI tools have allowed businesses to complete tasks far easier than before. Using new technologies such as GPT to complete tasks such as sending emails intelligently and quickly, businesses can increase their productivity and efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Business Process Automation

There are processes in every business that are imperative to complete but take up time and resources to do so. Automation helps with this, as you can use automation to take care of tasks and processes automatically that would otherwise have to be done manually.

Here are some of the benefits of automation:

  • Automate Repetitive Tasks: Automation lets you automate repetitive tasks that would be completed by humans otherwise. This means that your employees can start working on other tasks instead of taking up time doing what an automated process can do in seconds.
  • Reduce human error: Humans naturally make errors. Automation mitigates this, as it simply does the task as programmed — meaning that vital tasks that have to be done correctly can be completed with peace of mind.

Get Started With Digital Transformation

As the world movies into a digital revolution, digital transformation is a vital process. These 4 trends are the main ways that businesses are transforming themselves to ensure success and unlock their potential in the modern world.

If you’re looking to get started with digital transformation, we’re here to help. Our team of experts will be able to guide you through the process and provide you with a helping hand along the way. We’ll also be here to help you figure out the methods of digital transformation that are best for your business.

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