Unleashing the Power of Employee Experience

Unleashing the Power of Employee Experience

Employee experience platforms — such as Microsoft Viva — play a vital role in this, as these platforms provide a modern tech-driven approach to further enhancing employee experience and ensuring that every employee is both satisfied and productive within your organisation.

In this article, we’re going to go over the basics of employee experience, and how you can enhance the employee experience throughout your organisation using employee experience tools such as Microsoft Viva.

Understanding Employee Experience

Employee experience (EX) is a vital part of any organisation, as it makes up every single part of the employee lifecycle. From onboarding to everyday experience and even offboarding, ensuring that your employees are satisfied with your organisation in every possible aspect is more important than ever.

The employee experience is made up of seven stages —

  • Attraction: Attracting new employees to your organisation is the first step here. This is a large reason why having a great employee experience is important — with the rise of employer review sites like Glassdoor, treating your employees poorly will make you far less attractive as an organisation.
  • Recruitment: Ensuring the whole recruitment process is streamlined and comfortable for your prospective employees will help them feel more comfortable entering your organisation.
  • Onboarding: Bringing your employees into the organisation properly will help them hit the ground running and feel comfortable in their new environment.
  • Development: Development is a vital part of any employee’s journey — development will help them learn new skills that they can take forward with them.
  • Retention: Retention is the process of keeping developed employees in the long term. Benefits and other organisation-wide schemes are great for this, as they will provide reasons for employees to stay with you.
  • Exit: Every employee will eventually leave your organisation, so ensuring that their exit is positive is vital.
  • Advocacy: Just like you’d potentially provide a reference for your former employee, a former employee will be able to share positives and negatives about your organisation. Keeping them on your good side will ensure that the lifecycle benefits your organisation and keeps every employee happy.

Of course, employee experience is a vital part of any organisation. However, technologically minded organisations can do even more to ensure that their employee experience is the best it can be.

Employee experience platforms play an important role in this. The technological capabilities of these tools will allow you to further empower your employees’ development and journey through your organisation.

Introducing Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva is a world-class employee experience platform, that can fully transform the employee experience in your organisation to ensure that every employee that walks through your door has an extraordinary experience.

Viva allows you to enhance communication, feedback, analytics, and developmental goals to ensure that every employee within your organisation is being provided with the best support possible — ensuring that they can work together productively and in a manner that best suits their own development as well as working for the betterment of your whole organisation.

Microsoft Viva is made up of multiple components —

  • Viva Connections
  • Viva Topics
  • Viva Learning
  • Viva Insights
  • Viva Goals
  • Viva Engage (and Engage Leadership Corner)
  • Viva Sales
  • Viva Amplify
  • Viva Pulse
  • Viva Glint

All of these components work together to provide the best possible experience for all of your employees.

Furthermore, powered by AI, every component is empowered to fully ensure that your organisation’s employee experience is fully able to empower your employees and push their full potential to the next level.

Enhancing Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva

Respect employees’ time

Instead of having to manually time manage to ensure that your employee’s time is respected and protected, Microsoft Viva does all of that automatically.

From meetings and lunches to holidays and personal time, Microsoft Viva ensures that it’s clear that everyone’s time is protected and can’t be double booked.

Healthy remote working habits

With new remote working habits such as ‘work from home’, it’s much easier for your employees to overwork themselves or sacrifice personal time to ensure that they can get work done.

Using Microsoft Viva features such as ‘Virtual Commute’ can help ensure that the lines between work and home aren’t blurred, to ensure that your employees keep a healthy work and life balance and remain energised, healthy, and productive.

Prioritise Mental Health

Your employees’ mental health is vital. Ensuring that your mental health support to your employees is sufficient enough that everyone knows that they aren’t alone is a vital part of the employee experience — and doing so will help your employees know your organisation cares about their wellbeing.

Microsoft Viva provides the tools to ensure that your organisation is there for your employees — from calendar alerts to reduce stress to alerts to ensure that your employees are taking enough personal time, Microsoft Viva will help your employees reduce stress and anxiety and work more productively.

How We Can Help

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that helps you make sure that every aspect of the employee experience is fully beneficial to your organisation. With Viva, you can ensure that your employees are both developing and also that their mental health and personal time are being respected.

By utilising Microsoft Viva as a platform to allow your employees to freely communicate, and work together, and also providing the tools to ensure that employees aren’t being detrimental to themselves, you can further ensure that every employee within your organisation is supported and has a positive experience throughout their time at your company.

If you’re looking to get started with Microsoft Viva, get in touch with us today. Our experts will be able to help you get set up and ensure that everything you need is in check, so you can start providing your employees with a great experience right away.

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