Why Azure Virtual Desktop is Beneficial

Why Azure Virtual Desktop is Beneficial

While Microsoft’s virtual desktop application — Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) — is nowhere near as new as some other technologies, the power that AVD is bringing to organisations worldwide is only increasing. As organisations spend more time with AVD as Microsoft continues to empower it, more applications are being found for the tool — meaning that being at the forefront of using AVD is vital.

In this article, we’re going to go over the ins and outs of Azure Virtual Desktop and why you should utilise it within your manufacturing organisation — from benefits to use cases.

What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), formerly known as Windows Virtual Desktop, is a cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure powered by Microsoft Azure. It lets organisations create and manage virtualised Windows desktops and applications within the cloud, letting users access their virtual desktops from anywhere using any device — including smartphones and tablets.

AVD is one of the most powerful tools available within the Azure platform, as it helps organisations fully modernise and virtualise their systems while also enabling flexibility throughout the whole workplace — all with the greatest computing power available.

Due to being a part of the Azure ecosystem, AVD works on a SaaS model too, meaning that it’s one of the most flexible and easy ways to introduce desktop virtualisation into your organisation.

Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop for Manufacturing

Scalability and Flexibility

The manufacturing industry is a fast-moving industry. With so many different variables — such as production scale, team size, and budget — making sure that your organisation is flexible and can easily scale to accommodate your needs is vital.

Azure Virtual Desktop fully enables your organisation’s flexibility — instead of having to pay for hardware that’s difficult to adjust to your organisation’s needs, AVD lets you easily ensure that you can balance everything and make sure that your infrastructure can accommodate the task at hand.

Cost Efficiency

Investing in hardware is an expensive endeavour. The capital expenditure required to obtain the hardware that you’ll need for your systems will often be a large sum that will be difficult to both put up and also to keep efficient.

Using AVD, you can easily manage your costs and ensure that you’re only paying for what you’re using, meaning that your organisation will be more cost-efficient all around — all of which will be an operational expenditure, which is much easier for any organisation to handle.

Security and Compliance

Manufacturing is an industry filled with collaboration and sharing of data between different parties. After all, every manufacturing company has to work with a multitude of clients — meaning that compliance needs to be of a high standard and systems need to be secure.

Microsoft Azure is filled with security and compliance features that help you keep secure, keeping your data out of the hands of malicious hackers and away from any breaches.

Resource Intensive Applications

Using Azure Virtual Desktop, you can easily run resource-intensive applications using your cloud setup — you can select high-end hardware for your cloud implementation, meaning that you can use the hardware provided by Microsoft to use these applications.

This means you can easily run the higher-end applications that are required within manufacturing — without having to invest in the high-end hardware that you’d otherwise need to use.

AVD Use Cases for the Manufacturing Industry

Remote Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Azure Virtual Desktop is fully cloud-enabled, meaning that it has real-time remote access capabilities with full data integration.

Using AVD, you can easily remotely access manufacturing systems without having to constantly watch them — and you can do so from anywhere. You can also very flexibly configure AVD to integrate with a plethora of data sources and data visualisation tools — as well as alerts and notifications.

AVD also allows you to easily collaborate with others, meaning that you can quickly and efficiently troubleshoot no matter where you are.

Training and Onboarding

Training and onboarding new employees with the hardware used for manufacturing can be time-consuming and take up valuable hardware resources for your organisation.

By using Azure Virtual Desktop, you can remotely train and onboard new employees from any device, meaning that you can do so remotely without needing them to be able to access devices that have the specific software you need enabled.

Using Azure Virtual Desktop to run training will also allow you to consistently train new employees without needing to modify hardware that would otherwise be used for normal work.

Supply Chain Management

Using Azure Virtual Desktop, you can easily manage your organisation’s supply chain and will be able to make data-driven decisions throughout the chain. AVD lets you create a centralised data access point for authorised users, meaning that anyone authorised can easily access the supply chain.

AVD can also help with other aspects, such as inventory management and demand forecasting, all of which will help simplify the management of your organisation’s supply chain.

Cost Cutting

As mentioned previously, using Azure Virtual Desktop can easily cut costs and optimise your IT infrastructure throughout your organisation — by providing a much cheaper way to be able to run critical applications and systems within your organisation.

However, you can also utilise cloud computing and data implementations within Azure Virtual Desktop to easily see where you can save more costs — meaning that you can make data-driven decisions on where to cut costs and where to keep resources as they are.

How We Can Help

The manufacturing industry is an industry that is fast-paced and requires flexibility. Azure Virtual Desktop is a defining tool for any manufacturing organisation, so implementing it into your business is vital.

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