Work smarter in Microsoft Word with these 10 tips

Work smarter in Microsoft Word with these 10 tips

A Microsoft 365 license is packed full of features, applications, and functionality, with Microsoft Word being gold standard for word processing. The software was released in 1983and has since received 16 major releases with new features added to enable users to work more effectively. Although Word has been a mainstay in Microsoft’s produce suite for many years, not everyone knows how to use all the features available. In this article we discuss our top 10 tips for working smarter in Microsoft Word.

Quickly Insert Links into a Document

There are many keyboard shortcuts that can be used within Microsoft Word, some of the most common s include Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + X to cut and Ctrl + V to paste. However, a lesser-known shortcut is using Ctrl + K to add a hyperlink. Simply highlight the text you want to add a hyperlink to, then press Ctrl + K to open the Links pop-up.

Select the Default Font

The default font for Microsoft Word is Calibri, however you can change this if you primarily use your favourite or business font. To do this, open the Font popup from the Home tab (or click Ctrl + D), select your desired font and click ‘Set as Default’. In this popup you can also select the default font size.

Quickly Find and Replace

When working in a larger document it can be difficult and time consuming to locate and replace all instances of a specific word or phrase. Microsoft Word allows you to automatically search your document using the Find feature and quickly change words with the Replace feature. To find all instances of a word or phrase click Ctrl + F, type the word or phrase, then click the drop down and select ‘Replace’. Type what word you would like to replace it with and click ‘Replace All’.

Use the Dictation Tool

Sometimes it’s easier to dictate documents, rather than type them, especially if you’re on the go. To do this within Microsoft Word, simply click the microphone icon on the Home panel and Word will convert your speech into text.

Add Lorem Ipsum Text

When formatting a document that doesn’t have all the text ready, it’s best to use placeholder or Lorem Ipsum text. This placeholder text contains nonsense words and sentences, but it’s structed to help with formatting. To add Lorem Ipsum text, type ‘=Lorem()’ and click Enter. This will create 5 paragraphs of text, if you want a specific number of paragraphs type the desired number into the parenthesis and Word will generate them.

Ensure Documents Meet Accessibility Guidelines

Before sending a document to someone, it’s important to ensure it meets accessibility guidelines, so everyone can easily read it. To check if your document meets these guidelines go to the Review tab and click ‘Check Accessibility’. This will open a side panel that gives insight into areas that need improvement.

Auto-Update Date and Time

If you’re creating a contract template that needs to include a date or time stamp, this can be auto updated within a Word Document. To insert a date, click ‘Date & Time’ from the Insert tab. This will open a popup where you can select your desired format. Check the ‘Update automatically’ checkbox and click okay and the date will be inserted as a field to update automatically.

Use Templates to Save Time

If you’re looking to create a visually appealing document quickly and easily, such as a resume or brochure, you can use a template. To use a template, click ‘File’, ‘New’, then use the search bar to search for a specific template and click whichever one you want.

Remove Unwanted Formatting

When copying content from one source to another, often the formatting does not match correctly. To reset formatting within a section, highlight the desired section and click Ctrl + Space.

Protect Your Document

If you have a document that needs protecting, Microsoft Word has multiple features to help. To do this, click ‘File’, ‘Info’, ‘Protect Document’. This will open a drop-down menu with different options to protect your document, including restrict editing, encrypt with password, and restrict access.

With these tips you should be more productive and work smarter in Microsoft Word. If you want to find out more about other products included within a Microsoft 365 subscription, get in contact with us today.